3D Modeling Series

This class is focused on creating cutting-edge 3D computer graphics and animation. We will develop a 3D character from sketches using state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

You will learn the basics of surfacing, lighting, animation and modeling techniques.

In level 2 students can explore advanced courses such as Advanced Character Animation, Texture Mapping, Lighting and rendering, Effects, High poly Modeling, Organics, or Mechanics. Advanced lessons will incorporate animation which will bring your 3D to life. Our progressive curriculum allows students to take as many specialties as they like in order to learn what they desire most.

If students are unsure what level suits them best you may request the instructor for a personalized assessment. It consists of a few short answers and will depend on age and experience.

3D Modeling Introduction

Covered topics  
• Polygon Modeling
• Materials
• Detail Modeling
• Animation
• Lighting
• Rendering

Level II.

3DM Character Animation
3DM Texture Mapping
3DM Advanced Lighting rendering
3DM Effects, Dynamics, Cloth Simulation
3DM High poly Modeling
3DM Organics, or Mechanics
3DM Particles and Effects

Level III.

3DM Dragon/Reptile Design
3DM Human Figure Design
3DM Vehicle Design


Each student will leave each Level with a completed project to show off their skills to friends and family.



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