3D Video Game Design Series

The 3D Video Game Design series students will learn advanced techniques to create a 3D video game playable on PCs, Macs and on the Web. Upon completion of each session students will take home their own video game. Progression to Level 3 Specialties will be dependent on a students desire, creativity, and technical achievements.

If students are unsure what level suits them best you may request the instructor for a personalized assessment.

Prerequisites: 2D Video Game Design 1

3D VGD: Introduction

Covered topics
• Fundamental Game Design
• Using the editor and adding a player
• Creating Objects
• Creating Dynamic Objects
• 3D Terrain
• Game Publishing

Level II.

This class is the level two of the 3D Video Game Creation series. Students will learn more advanced techniques to add to their game. They will have the choice to learn:

3D VGD 3D Customization
3D VGD 3D Animation
3D VGD Particle and Visual Effects
3D VGD advanced materials
3D VGD explosions
3D VGD Dynamic simulations
3D VGD Script Programming

Level III. Advanced Specialties

3D VGD Adding a Custom Character
3D VGD Enemy Creation/ Animation
3D VGD Game Actions and Events
3D VGD User Interface and Menus
3D VGD AI programming
3D VGD Mobile Development

All classes are designed with progressive content so that students can indulge in advanced programming, advanced animation techniques, additional levels, and additional characters. They will leave each session with a completed video game to show off their skills to friends and family.

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