Application Design Series

This class is the level one of the Application Design series. Students will learn how to code interactive app's for the PC, Mac and on the Web. They will come up with a custom design and learn the steps to develop their app. Depending on students experience, knowledge, age and pace of learning the curriculum can vary. Each session students will complete their own program.

Prerequisites: 2D Video Game Design 1 & Interest in Programming

Level 2: Mobile App's

This class is the level two of the Application Design series. Students will learn more advanced code libraries and techniques to create more interesting interactivity.

All classes are designed with progressive content so that students can indulge in advanced programming, advanced animation techniques, additional levels, and additional characters. They will leave each month with a completed video game to show off their skills to friends and family.

  Week 1 Week 2


Week 1 Week 2
Day 1 Fundamentals Animated objects Day 1 Fundamentals Touch screen input
Day 2 Hello World and Debugging Video game programming Day 2 Advanced Programming principals Advanced testing and debugging
Day 3 Interacting with dynamic text Develop project Day 3 Mouse & Keyboard inputs Polish phase
Day 4 Interacting with objects Showcase project Day 4 Incorporating advanced animation Showcase project
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