Computer Music and Production Series

CM: Introduction

Covered topics  
• Digital Recording
• Midi Music Composition
• Beginner keyboard
• Drum Machine programming
Software Djing*

Learn how to be a digital music producer. Record with a mic, make beats, sample audio, create compositions, and produce your tracks. Let your imagination free.

New Feature: Software DJing

Incorporated in our CM courses we will be using software to DJ to practice tempo, beat composition, and digital audio. Software DJing is the latest flavor of gear used by top DJs around the world. Learn to DJ on the computer using leading industry software. We instruct you on how to beat match, tone shift, and make the perfect mixes. Bring your own MP3's or CD's to class and lets start mixing. Develop your unique musical style while mastering industry technology.


Level II.

CM Dub Step Instruments
Digital Effects and waveform Processing
Analogue and Digital Synthesis
CM Electro House
CM DJ Level II
CM Piano Composition
CM Digital Audio and Sampling

Level III.

CM Live Recording




Our Inspiration

Below are a few videos that inspire us.


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