2D Video Game Design Series

The Video Game Design series students will begin by designing and developing a custom platformer video game playable on PCs, Macs and on the Web. After 2D VGD Introduction the students can progress to 2D VGD specialty such as advanced programming to beef up their game. Our progressive curriculum allows students to take as many specialties as they like in order to add new game features and learn many cool things along the way such as iPhone and Android publishing. Progression to Level 3 Specialties will be dependent on a students creativity and technical achievements.

If students are unsure what level suits them best you may request the instructor for a personalized assessment. It consists of a few short answerers and will depend on age and experience.

Click here to see some of our students projects made by Ages 7- Adults

2D VGD Introduction

Covered topics
• Drawing
• Animation
• Objects
• Character Design
• Character Animation
• Level Creation
• Effects
• Testing
• Enemies,
• Gravity and
• Dynamic objects
• Publishing

Level II.

2D VGD Game Concept Principles
2D VGD Advanced Animation
2D VGD Programming Dynamics
2D VGD Special Effects
2D VGD Advanced Design & Story Telling

Level III. Specialties:

2D VGD Mobile Android or IOS Gaming
2D VGD Level 2 Programming
2D VGD Advanced Character Animation
2D VGD Tilt & Gyroscope programming
2D VGD AI Programming


Each student will leave each course with a completed video game to show off their skills to friends and family.

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